The Feminists with a capital F

Wow. I had not really grasped the amount of feminist energy within the European Green Party gender network. Some quotes from the today’s meeting (disclaimer: they might not be 100 % accurate):

“I think we should definitely push for gender quotas.”
“I think all quotas are bad!”

“The problem is that women don’t want to apply for high positions.”

“The problems in Northern and Southern Europe are different, for example you don’t have gender pay gap.”
“We have gender pay gap.”

“What is the Femme Committee [the European Parliament Committee on Women’s rights and gender equality]?”

“What is 50+ quota?”

“We have the problem that there are more women than men in the party.”

Yeah. We’re the Feminists!


May I present the Rainbow Greens?

Greetings from the queer greens! The LGBTQ session of the European Green Party Council brought together queer greens from all over Europe. We checked the list of Pride marches together – it was several pages long! I personally recommend the Helsinki Pride on the 30th June and the Belgrade Pride on the 6th of October – I’m going to the first and a lot of young greens to the second.

The stories of the rainbow movement from different countries were sometimes encouraging, sometimes not. In Malta, two teenage girls were badly beaten up because they were kissing in a park, but the LGBT movement managed to politicise the issue and pass an anti-discrimination law. In Romania, a new green party has emerged with an openly gay leader, and if all goes well for the party and its allies, it’s going to get to the parliament this year.

The power shift in France has made it much easier for LGBT organisations to get access to schools to talk to the students and fight against homophobia. In Serbia, the Pride march has been cancelled several times because the police “does not have the capacities to secure the situation” – however, they miraculously find the adequate resources for football matches drawing similar sized crowds.

In Finland, you’d imagine the situation is pretty good. Still, there was a gas attack against the Pride march in 2010, and the Christian democrats are fighting against equal marriage law, which is now stuck in the bureaucracy. However, the presidential campaign of Pekka Haavisto, the first gay presidential candidate, was exhilarating. He got to the second round, thus securing the Greens the best-ever result in elections!

So there is hope. I believe in us.